Union Leadership

Brad has over 17 years of union experience, involvement and activism. He has participated on bargaining teams, local executive leadership, UNW executive leadership, PSAC committees, campaign organization, reinvigorated non-functioning locals/committees, member representation/grievance handling, and many other activities.

Male Regional Representative, Public Service Alliance of Canada Aboriginal People’s Circle

Local President, Union of Northern Workers Local X0002

2nd Executive Vice President, Union of Northern Workers from 2006 to 2012


P.S.A.C. Talking Union Basics
P.S.A.C. Grievance Handling
P.S.A.C. Advanced Local Officer Training
P.S.A.C. Shop Steward Training
P.S.A.C. Advanced Shop Steward Training
P.S.A.C. National Officer Training
P.S.A.C. Leadership Training 1-3
P.S.A.C. Anti-Harassment Training
P.S.A.C. Facing Management
C.L.C. National Campaign Managers Training
P.S.A.C. N.B.O.D. Anti Oppression Training
P.S.A.C. Alliance Facilitator Training Program
P.S.A.C. Advanced Representatives Training


U.N.W. N.T.P.C. Anti Privatization Lobby Campaign
U.N.W. Anti Supplementary Health Care Benefits Campaign
U.N.W. Political Action Committee
U.N.W. Stop the Cuts!  Campaign
U.N.W. Bylaws & Regulations Committee
U.N.W. Triennial Convention Planning Committee
U.N.W. Triennial Convention Delegate
U.N.W. G.N.W.T. Inaugural Collective Bargaining Conference Delegate
U.N.W. G.N.W.T. Collective Bargaining Committee
U.N.W. U.S.W Collective Bargaining Committee
U.N.W. Annual Executive Strategic Planning Sessions (X6)
N.T.F.L Triennial Convention Delegate
N.T.F.L Vice-President
P.S.A.C. Triennial North Convention delegate
P.S.A.C. National Aboriginal Peoples Inaugural Convention delegate
P.S.A.C. National Aboriginal Peoples Convention delegate (Equity)
P.S.A.C. National Health & Safety Conference delegate
P.S.A.C Representation Symposium delegate
P.S.A.C. North Regional Council Member
P.S.A.C. Triennial North Convention Committee Member
P.S.A.C. Male Regional Representative Aboriginal People’s Circle
Local President Local X0002