Municipal Leadership

In October of 2012, Brad ran for and won the Mayor’s seat in the Fort Smith Municipal Election. Brad brings a positive attitude and dedication to helping others to all his roles.

As Mayor he enacted many policies that increased accountability and oversight in all the community. In 2013 he led the Town of Fort Smith through the Catastrophic loss and renovation of its Arena to an electrical fire.

During his tenure the Town of Fort Smith and the Union of Northern Workers successfully negotiated a 4 year collective agreement in 3 days, providing stability and labour rest for both the townsfolk, management and the union.

As mayor Brad served as a senior elected officer responsible for the Corporation of the Town of Fort Smith and its annual budget of $8.5 million. He provided leadership and strategic direction as the Chairperson for the 8 member community council. Brad supervised and guided the Senior Administration Officer (SAO) who is responsible for the senior management committee consisting of three director level positions and a total of 60+ employees at various levels within a unionized workplace.

Brad provided guidance in regard to policy, by-law and best practice guidance for human resource related issues. In this role Brad networked with many senior managers and executive officers of the GNWT lobbying for the best interests of the residents of Fort Smith.